Q) Who is Joseph Pilates?

A) Joseph Pilates grew up in Germany in the early 1900’s. At a young age he took an interest in anatomy. He studied many forms of exercise, including yoga. He was a skilled boxer, gymnast, and circus performer, among other things. He began working with people who were ill or wounded from the war and developed apparatus for the bedridden patients by utilizing the springs from their beds. In the early 1920’s he opened his first gym in New York near several dance studios. It was there that his exercise technique, “Contrology”, began to grow into what we now call Classical Pilates.

Q) If I have never done Pilates before, should I start with mat classes?

A) No. If you are new to Pilates, the best place to start is private sessions. Many people are under the misconception that the Pilates apparatus makes it harder, and therefore they need to take group classes before they try the apparatus. While the apparatus can be used to give resistance and make exercises more challenging, it can also be used to assist in getting into, and working in, a more correct position than you could on your own. The assistance of the apparatus will help you strengthen your body to eventually practice mat exercises more effectively and correctly. Private sessions also afford you the opportunity to have one-on-one time with a teacher who will personalize the workout to your needs. If you have an injury or weakness, we can more effectively modify and tailor the workout when using the apparatus.

Q) I have never taken a Yoga class before. Can I take the Beginner class?

A) You can take a beginner class, but it is highly recommended that you take an Intro to Yoga Series first. For most students the Intro to Yoga Series is the best way to learn the basic poses and stretches, and to understand the flow of the class. It allows the student to enjoy the process from the first day, and move into a regular class with confidence.

Q) Do you have changing facilities?

A) We do have restrooms that you can use for changing, but we do not have showers or lockers.

Q) Do I need my own mat, yoga props, or straps?

A) No. We have all of the blocks, straps, blankets, eye pillows and mats you might need. However, many people do prefer to purchase some of these items for their own personal use.